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Grade 10 English

*We are currently reading 1984.

This weeks students have a SSR project due on Friday, Oct. 17th.  It is worth 100 points. 

 Grade 11 English:

Students have just completed a unit on Transcendentalism.

They have a Transcendentalist Society Project due Monday, Oct. 20th.

Grade 12 English:

Tuesday/Wednesday: Students are completing a Canterbury Tales Examination

Thursday: Sonnets

Friday: SSR

AP English:

Read Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Vocabulary/Compound Complex sentences due Friday

Walt Whitman Response Essay

Scholarship Writing:

*Students will receive a folder with various scholarships and due dates.  Please check with the university they are planning to attend after high school to see if there are any scholarships available through the university.

 *Students in writing skills will be taking a grammar quiz at the end of the week.  They must know Subject, Verb, Kernel Sentence, Preposition and Thesis Statement, Fragment and Runon.

**Students on APEX--Remember that you can login from home to work on your assignments

Seniors--Remember-- your essay rough drafts for your senior projects are due on May 5th.

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